We train your teams to understand and activate the complex food service market.

Formation marché des verrines

You are a business director, marketing director or human resources director for a food service business unit, an SME, a distribution network or a restaurant chain.

You would like to develop your teams’ skills for the out-of-home consumption market.

For example, you would like to:

  • Speed up the acquisition of expertise in your teams
  • Establish common, structured language and methods to more effectively reach your clients: consumers, restaurants or distributors
  • Develop a targeted approach — today’s key to success

We recommend specialized training for different links of the out-of-home consumption chain (consumers, independent users, chains, institutional catering firms, and distributors).
We adapt our basic modules to your specifications based on your context, your challenges and the requirements of your market.

“For us, Food Service Vision was the natural choice of partner because they have a unique, original offer that unites techniques with the food service trade. The ongoing training was very structured and enabled us to create a common foundation. Today, our teams approach each food service client more professionally.”

Thierry Villelegier – Director, Gastronome Professionnal


We are the out-of-home experts. Our training is dedicated and oriented to your market.


Together we study your strategy’s objectives and the level of your teams to design a customised approach.


Our training is rooted in our consulting and field research experience and based on case studies.


Together we establish a tracking and an acquired skill validation program.

Nearly 500 people trained in the sphere of food service

10 different modules

Authorised training organisation

3 pedagogical partners

Partnered with Geco since 2005

4 to 8 conferences hosted per year

“Decrypting the food service market” training

You would like to bring your team a clear, simple vision of the food service market and its challenges.

Whether they are just starting or highly experienced, we train your team with market analysis diagrams that enable them to approach the food service market in a simple yet structured manner. Our training sessions and conferences highlight key market challenges and their impacts on our clients.

  • Keys to the food service market
  • Out-of-home distribution expertise
  • Chain and institutional catering firm expertise
  • Conferences: introduction to the market, innovation trends, snack trends, etc.

“Food Service Expertise and Client Activation” Training

You want to make your team more efficient in targeting and activating clients.

We bring information to your team so they can better understand challenges of different players. We train teams to discover each target’s expectations. Our training enables you to determine activation levers adapted for each target.

  • Distributor expertise and activation
  • Chain and institutional catering firm expertise and activation
  • Channel and/or large account targeting workshop
  • Chain review workshop

“Trade Expertise” Training

You want to train your marketing or category management team on the specific approach for the out-of-home consumption market.

We train your teams on best marketing practices for the sector: identifying information sources, building marketing plans, trade marketing approach, and category management.

  • Specifics of out-of-home consumption marketing
  • Specifics of out-of-home consumption trade marketing
  • Guidance in decrypting the market
  • Guidance in building marketing plans

“Applied Research” Training

Thanks to detailed research conducted with us you now have new keys to understanding and you wish to employ this approach to ensure optimal usage.

We transform research data into usable data to help you determine how to identify the most lucrative clients, how to target them, which offers and what business presentation to adapt.
Our pedagogy adapts to various audiences (sales teams, marketing teams, franchise networks, etc.).

  • Training in your clients’ decision making logic. (following research)

Our Approach

We listen carefully to your objectives, context, and your teams’ level of expertise during a field diagnosis step

We design a training plan and pedagogical approach that are adapted to your objectives (alone or with our partners)

We create operational training alternating teaching, real-life situation exercises, and debriefing after implementation


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