We provide consulting services to help out-of-home consumption sector professionals define and achieve their growth strategies.

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Are you a managing director, marketing director or business director of a food service business unit, an SME, a distribution network or a restaurant chain? Would you like to refine your development strategy for all or part of your out-of-home food service business? For example, you would like to:

  • Evaluate your businesses’ development potential throughout the value stream (consumers, independent users, chains, institutional catering firms, and distributors)
  • Define the most effective targets and action levers
  • Build operational action plans for your service, market introduction or organisation

We guide our clients throughout the definition and deployment of their business and marketing development strategies. Since 2005, we have been providing them with precise, fast and pertinent advice with our unique sector expertise and segmented, detailed knowledge of the entire value stream.

“With your help, our teams renewed their vision of the market and improved their standing. Today we have a structured, segmented and diverse approach, which enables us to improve efficiency in our international marketing plans.”

Marketing director for a leading professional brand

“For the last 3 years, we have been rolling out our plan focused on the retirement home sector that we developed with you. We have seen 10% growth each year. The roadmap was very clear and our teams have had no problem deploying it”.

Managing director for a food service business unit in an international group


Our team works throughout the entire value stream from consumer to supplier, including food service and distribution. We know how to process or generate the necessary information to identify the right levers.


From all the possible levers, our consultants know how to prioritise, segment, and identify the real levers and share clear roadmaps.


We customise the format of our “turnkey” or “co-developed” recommendations based on your experience and expectations.


100% of our missions focus on food service growth research. We know how to diagnose your challenges rapidly and find specific solutions for you.

Over 200 food service consulting and sector research missions in France and internationally

Broad range of know-how from first course to dessert: fresh, frozen, room temperature, and drinks

Multi-targeted expertise: gastronomy, international hospitality, snacks, retirement homes

Consultants combine marketing, business and category management expertise

“Turnkey” consulting

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You need to define the most effective strategy to ensure your development. You want to have turnkey recommendations for diagnoses and operational action plans at your disposal.

We lead a complete strategic diagnosis on your entire value stream, combining your data with our own sources and ad hoc analyses. We adapt tools and classic strategic methods (SWOT analysis, strength/attractiveness matrix, Ansoff matrix, wargames, etc.) to the specific sphere of food service. We deliver prioritised and applicable recommendations.

  • Targeted clientele-based strategy
  • Business review
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Wargame to test your strategy
  • Food service leader organisation benchmarks

Strategy Workshops

Ateliers stratégiques FSV

Would you like all your teams to have a shared vision of challenges and strategy? Would you like to ensure optimal implementation of your new action levers.

We allow your teams to take ownership of the diagnosis. We guide them through co-developing innovative strategic solutions. Our approach combines expert market knowledge with coaching and team building methods. We develop recommendations collectively and intervene on a one-off or ongoing basis.

  • Guiding your teams to develop your diagnosis
  • Developing a long-term project for a business unit or a product line
  • Periodic strategy review workshops

Our Approach

We listen carefully to your objectives in order to identify issues and pinpoint the right guidance method (turnkey or co-developed).

We quickly immerse ourselves in your challenges through internal observation, data crunching, field visits, and client observation to creatively identify potential levers.

We meticulously prioritise development levers to bring you achievable and effective recommendations.


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