The offer and promotion tracking tool for leading commercial restaurant chains.

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You are a marketing decision-maker for a restaurant chain.

You need precise and responsive information on offers and promotions of major French restaurant chains.

For example, you would like to:

  • Track offers, price changes, menus and innovations highlighted on your competitors’ menus
  • Know all your competitors’ digital news: new items, promotions, events, etc.

With Food Service Tracking® Chains, you are permanently connected with news from restaurant chains. You receive monitoring information and reliable analyses conducted by our expert chain research leaders.

Food Service Tracking® Chains is a complete service offering that combines menu monitoring and analysis with well-grounded, fast digital news from restaurant chains.

Menus from 24 restaurant chains:
Buffalo Grill, Hippopotamus, Courtepaille, La Boucherie, La Pataterie, Léon de Bruxelles, Ibis, Novotel, Campanile, Pizza Paï, Del Arte, Poivre Rouge, Paul, Brioche Dorée, La Croissanterie, La Mie Câline, Pomme de Pain, Bert’s, Class’Croute, Subway, KFC, Mezzo Di Pasta, McDonald’s, and Quick.

Special offers from 16 restaurant chains:
Buffalo Grill, Hippopotamus, Courtepaille, La Boucherie, La Pataterie, Léon de Bruxelles, Pizza Paï, Del Arte, Poivre Rouge, Flunch, Paul, Brioche Dorée, La Croissanterie, McDonald’s, Quick, and Subway.

You are a food-processing manufacturer: we can conduct customised analyses on chains’ offers in your categories with our database.

“With Food Service Tracking Chains tools, I can review my menus with a precise vision of what my competitors are doing and always be one step ahead on my special offers.”

Marketing director for an established restaurant chain


After menu release dates: Scan available after 5 days and analysis after 10 days.

Monthly promotional reviews.


Analyses of changes in offers and digital communications conducted by our expert consultants.


Structured information and analysis sheets.

24 chains’ menus tracked (2 times per year, when menus are updated)

16 chains’ digital activity tracked monthly

5 years’ worth of historical data

You are a restaurant chain and you would like to decrypt your competitors’ strategies with a responsive analysis of their menus.

For example, you would like to:

  • Track changes in their offers, menu mechanics, price positioning, innovations, etc.—immediately after the menus are released
  • Quickly understand offer strategy changes of restaurant chains
  • Have structured, global information to compare your menu strategy to that of your competition

Food Service Tracking® for Chains – Offer Tracking gives you twice-yearly access to monitoring of menus upon their release and, after 10 days, turnkey analysis sheets on changes and new features of the offer, mechanics, communication, price positioning, etc. for each menu.

You are a restaurant chain and would like to keep up to date on your competitors’ online activity (websites, Smartphone applications, newsletters, Facebook, and Twitter).

For example, you would like to:

  • Be regularly informed of your competitors’ promotional activity on their websites and social networks
  • Decrypt chains’ digital communications policies
  • Have turnkey monitoring information to responsively optimise your own offers and promotions

With Food Service Tracking® Chains – Promotions, each month you receive a complete illustrated report of offers, new items, promotions, etc. highlighted online and on social networks by 16 major French restaurant chains. You will also receive a once-yearly summary of your competitors’ activation plans.


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