Promotion tracking tool for out-of-home distributors

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You are a marketing, purchasing, pricing or business decision-maker for a manufacturer or distributor in the food service market. You need a continuous flow of up-to-date, reliable information on offers and promotions in your market. For example, you would like to:

  • Have precise information on current offers before launching your innovations
  • Track promotional prices and adjust your rates
  • Optimise your promotion and trade operations
  • Develop categorised reviews among your clients or providers

With Food Service Tracking® Distributors, you are constantly connected to a base of reliable information on your market, guaranteed by our expert distribution research leaders and our partner Vici. vici_small

Coverage of 23 leading distributors: 1-Dis, Brake, C10, Davigel, Distriboissons, DS Restauration, SAP, SPF, Force 8, Francap, France Boissons, France Confiserie, France Frais, Gedal, G.R.A.L Grancoeur, Magec, Metro, EpiSaveurs, PassionFroid, Promocash, Pro à Pro, Relais d’Or Miko, and Transgourmet. Food Service Tracking® Distributors is a complete service offering that allows you to use our distributor promotion database in a variety of ways.

“The promotion information is complete and well-rounded; it’s a real support for our business.”

Pricing manager for a distributor

“The tool is flexible; it enables very advanced analyses. The category connection is customised to our business and was able to adapt itself to our challenges.”

Category manager for a leading professional brand


You are a food service distributor

Food Service Tracking® Distributors is the must-have tool for managing your promotions and pricing.

  • You set prices based on a continuous market benchmark
  • You analyse your competitors’ catalogues
  • You design and adapt your own promotional catalogues
  • You track your positioning and promotional share of voice
  • You identify new growth levers
  • You prepare supplier negotiations

You are a food service manufacturer

Food Service Tracking® Distributors enables you to better manage your launches and promotion plans.

  • You analyse distributors’ and competitors’ selections
  • You track new products’ market launches and conduct innovation monitoring
  • You track your own and your competitors’ promotional share of voice
  • You build and optimise your promotion plans
  • You prepare distributor negotiations


The majority of food service distributors use our tool on a daily basis and have eliminated their internal tracking.


All leading distributors’ promotional catalogues are tracked monthly.


Visuals from available catalogues each week and database update after 8 days


Monthly key performance indicators.

Coverage of 24 leading distributors

8 years’ worth of historical data available

600 catalogues tracked per year

1 monthly update

94,000 promotions entered per year

37 clients subscribed

Intuitive analysis interface

Your monthly subscription allows you to access a fast, intuitive and flexible analysis interface. This interface enables you to analyse all the data comparatively between periods, distributors, manufacturers, etc. The flexibility of our software offers you the possibility to customise your analyses to your own pertaining sphere. A research leader guides you through utilisation and data analysis. Our database is also available in Excel format for our subscribers.

Personalised Dashboards

You can access customised dashboards to track key indicators : share of voice, number of promotions, number of business units, promotional prices, etc. These KPIs enable you to manage and adjust your promotional plans responsively to improve performance. These dashboards are sent to you regularly and are used across all different internal managing committees.

Turnkey Analyses

You would like to have a timely assessment of the market or of your categories. We conduct turnkey analyses that are published as reports. Some of these analyses are conducted every year and others are performed based on client needs. Our research leaders analyse all promotional activity and decrypt all the figures and trends for a given period.


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