About us

We guide you in accelerating your development in the food service market

Food Service Vision is a service company dedicated exclusively to growth and performance in the out-of-home consumption market.

We develop a range of services and tools to help our clients develop their strategies in this exciting market and offer insightful perspectives.

Our detailed expertise, meticulous work methods, and extensive experience enable us to build operational recommendations.

Since the beginning, the team has consisted of out-of-home consumption professionals from various backgrounds (marketing, trade marketing, and business) and quickly became enriched with experts of different specialities (panellists, quantitative researchers, and consultants). Today, the Food Service Vision team offers a wide range of diverse, complementary talents to their clients.

Since our creation in 2005, we have conducted 100% of our consulting and research missions on development challenges in the out-of-home sphere…

Since our beginnings, we have created 100% of our tools around one question: How can we profoundly decrypt and precisely measure the actions of different market players while simplifying the work of our clients?

10 years later, our team has faced 200 different situations involving development lever research: product innovation, new concept creation, international road map definition, client type definition, category management implementation, and measurement of new needs.

10 years later, 4 tools have been created to serve the profession: Food Service Tracking ® Distributors, used today by over 40 clients; Food Service Tracking ® Chains, which has been following news from all leading chains since 2009; monographs, real company fact sheets on key players in the profession; and, more recently, consumer indicators, feedback from guests or snack consumers.

Each year, we create over one million pieces of data with our different partners to help our clients understand and refine expectations of consumers and professionals and decrypt offers from chains or distributors.


Listening and Adapting
We are driven by service and the ongoing satisfaction of our clients, and we adapt our approaches to each client.

Food Expertise

100% dedicated to out-of-home consumption
All of our tools and our missions are dedicated to understanding and clarifying this complex market…


Clarification to understand
We love to decrypt, identify priorities, and bring relief so you can choose the right path.

Our Mission

Our Role in the Out-of-Home Market

We have seen the quality of products and creativity of producers who bring the out-of-home consumption market to life.

We have also seen the complexity and swift transformation of consumption habits among end clients in the out-of-home consumption market.

Food Service Vision clarifies decision-making, facilitates the creation of innovative solutions and guides out-of-home consumption players in how to speed up their development.

Our Vision

What We Know About the Out-of-Home Consumption Market

We have seen many manufacturing ventures fail due to poor understanding of consumers, users and channels.

We have also seen and guided successful projects that today continue to prove their ability to generate growth and innovation.

We believe that the out-of-home consumption market offers wonderful opportunities for those who know who to identify and take advantage of growth opportunities. The key to success is in understanding the complexity of the market and how it works.

Our Areas of Expertise


We decrypt the entire route to market

We have built a global approach to the route to market.

We can share our expertise with you in the following domains:

  • Food service manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Restaurant chains
  • Users
  • Out-of-home consumers

Services We Offer


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