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We guide you in accelerating your development in the food service market

Founded in Lyon in 2005 by François Blouin, Food Service Vision is the French and European expert in the entire food service value chain.

Serving all market players (operators, wholesalers, suppliers, investors), Food Service Vision is able to analyze in real time the economic situation of the sector, to identify fundamental changes affecting all segments, and to assist compagnies in identifying and implementing their strategic moves.

Since 2019, Food Service Vision has been the first to :

  • Conduct a series of strategic reviews to continuously assess the actual impact of the health crisis on food services.
  • Identify the rise of meal delivery and analyze the impact of this new mode of consumption on catering
  • Unveil the scale of the deployment of dark kitchens and the proliferation of new food delivery brands
  • Identify structural changes in food service resulting from changes in consumption flows and times, particularly in London and Paris
  • Project the consequences of changing lunch habits, particularly due to the development of teleworking
  • Anticipate the strong development of bakery and pastry in the catering landscape

To conduct its analysis and strategic advice assignments, Food Service Vision relies on :

  • A team of 20 consultants, whose expertise covers the entire sector, and who have carried out more than 1,500 assignments in 16 years
  • Ongoing dialogue with its clients‘ general management, sales and marketing departments
  • An Observatory of Trends and Innovations to help its clients stay alert on future developments in the catering industry
  • A “data factory” that collects and analyses data from the catering sector in order to enable its customers to develop with an up-to-date information system and a broad horizon


  • Food Service Tracking Wholesalers: tracking of offers, promotions and prices
  • Food Service Tracking Chains: card and communications tracking
  • Food Service Factory: tracking of digital start-ups


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