Our research partners

Logo B3TSI

France and international telephone fieldwork, face-to-face fieldwork, web surveys, statistical data processing of quantitative research.

MarketVision Logo

Marketing research and consulting, specialising in decision-making logic.


Develops a dynamic approach solution for food service markets in Europe while providing users with a reliable information source.

Our tools partner


Working to improve food service.
Design and provision of tools and services adapted for out-of-home food service professionals.

Our training partners

Market Relation

Consulting, research, and training firm, expert in high performance relationships and sales.

Global & local Pragmatic Sales Solutions

Your guide to sales development in the out-of-home market.


A group of manufacturers (VSEs, SMEs, and groups) that create and market products aimed at different market segments of out-of-home consumption.

Our press partners


The magazine providing solutions and inspiration for out-of-home food service professionals.


The information resource site for professionals of the frozen food sector.

BRA Tendances Restauration

The modern magazine for food service, concepts, chains, third market, snacks, innovations and trends.

France Snacking

The fast food and mobile food service magazine.