Winning catering concepts in Europe

Winning catering concepts in Europe

Identify the essential criteria to remain or become an attractive restaurant chain in Europe.

Understand consumption in chains today 
Identify the key consumer expectations
Know the winning models Evaluate and compare chains (fiches profil)
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1. Consumption in chains today
2. Key consumer expectations
3. Expectations that have the greatest impact on brand and concept attractiveness
4. Winning models
5. Chain evaluation (Attractiveness, ranking, profile card vs. competitors…)


The first European study measuring and  modeling the key success factors for catering chains !

Methodology :

  • Target : Among French, Italian and English customers : representative samples of the population aged 18 and over
  • 3 countries covered by the study :

France (1000 interviews) : analysis of 24 brands.

UK (500 interviews) : top 20 brand analysis.

Italie (500 interviews) : top 20 brand analysis.

  • Collection method : 15 to 20 minute online interviews with consumers in October 2018.