We decrypt and prioritise expectations of all players in out-of-home consumption.

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You are in charge of research or marketing for a manufacturer, a restaurant chain or a distributor.

You want to conduct research to better understand your clients (consumers, independent professionals, chains, and distributors) and understand their practices, expectations and perception of your services or brands.

For example, you would like to:

  • Find insights that allow you to innovate and test products that you develop
  • Understand users or consumers habits and their motivations to purchase
  • Identify different profile types of professionals or consumers based on their shopping behaviour
  • Evaluate your chain or brand’s strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors (offer or service satisfaction, image)
  • Size a market in order to identify development potential

We conduct customised qualitative and quantitative research for our clients, enabling them to solve operational or strategic problems for all targeted consumers and out-of-home consumption professionals.

Since 2005, we have been bringing them in-depth, reliable, and meticulous results with our extremely strong sector culture, adaptation of our research fields, and careful attention to developing experience and sampling plans.

Our clients can then decrypt this complex market, identify growth levers, and measure and prioritise expectations of consumers and professionals.

“In 2009, we wanted to better understand the purchasing logic of our food service clients. We conducted research over 2 years with Food Service Vision, which lead us to identify important targets for our products. This precise knowledge of our users, converted into training for sales personnel, enabled us to optimise client visits with a more operational approach.”

Pascal Schneider – Marketing Director, Euralis Gastronomie

“For the last 5 years, Food Service Vision has guided us on a 360° annual mission (annual indicator, ad hoc research, tracking tools, and establishing a template). Their perspective—and, even more so, their guidance on our strategic marketing—has enabled us to establish our vision and make the right decisions to turn our young chain into one of the key players on the market.”

Alexandre Maizoué – Managing Director, La Pataterie


Tools and robust research methods adapted to the out-of-home consumption market with our partners (B3TSI, Market Vision).


We have expertise in polling all levels of market players (distributors, users, chains, and consumers) and intersecting with their insights to provide you with reliable recommendations.


Our refined sector expertise and knowledge of your operational challenges allow us to ask the right questions… and get the right answers.


Our team knows how to guide you through the best methodology based on your challenges and constraints: qualitative or quantitative, exploratory or descriptive… the methods work towards the result.

Over 200 food service consulting and sector research missions in France and internationally

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Broad range of expertise from first course to dessert and across all temperatures: fresh, frozen, room temperature, and drinks

Several thousand sector interviews conducted each year

Unique combination of qualitative and quantitative experts

Product Innovation Research

You would like to understand the expectations of users or consumers, what motivates and discourages them about product concepts.

We know how to poll professional chefs and consumers to find customised insights for your market.

  • Detecting the innovations of tomorrow among chefs and consumers
  • Product concept tests among consumers and professionals

Point of Sale Innovation Research

You would like to understand the expectations of consumers and what motivates and discourages them about point of sale or restaurant concepts.

We are experts at polling consumers and shoppers on point of sale or distance purchasing.

  • Restaurant concept testing
  • Concept itemisation/creation

Use and Attitude Research

You would like to understand how professionals use your category of product.

We know how to conduct research on use and attitude among professionals on one or several channels.

  • Use and attitudes (reason for use, route to market, levers)
  • Market review on a target/channel or product category

Shopping Engine Research by Target

You would like to identify your clients’ different shopping motivators by sector target in order to prioritise and activate them effectively.

We know how to poll independent restaurants and points of sale as well as large accounts, institutional catering companies, and distributors.

  • Research among professionals
  • Research among shoppers (store choice criteria, action levers and marketing mix)
  • Channel review (vertical analysis of a product category on a clientele target)

Purchasing logic research by behaviour type

You would like to identify different profile types of professionals or consumers based on their shopping behaviour in order to activate them effectively.

We have developed specific expertise in mastering decision-making logic research. We establish detailed segmentation of purchasing behaviour in partnership with Market Vision and B3 TSI (French decision logic specialist).

  • Chef classification based on product category
  • Consumer classification based on their behaviour and expectations

Image, reputation and satisfaction research

You would like to understand your market position (image, reputation, and satisfaction) to select, communicate with, or develop your teams, clients and suppliers.

We take great care to define quotas and samples in order to provide you with figures that are representative of the food service market to best estimate your development potential.

  • Key indicators scale
  • Reputation, image, and frequency (with ongoing monitoring)
  • Client satisfaction indicator (with ongoing monitoring)
  • Loyalty program evaluation

Market quantification study

You want to know the size of your target market.

We know how to quantify the market by product category by polling independent users, chains, and distributors.

  • Market size assessment

Our Approach

We work with you to confirm the right research field and the right questions

We conduct research and employ strategies internally or with our specialised partners to examine your market

We analyse research results and compose effective and applicable recommendations with our expert consultants


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