The Team

François Blouin
François is the founder CEO.

He guides clients in defining and implementing their strategy with specific expertise in market introduction strategies.

Since 2004, François has led numerous development missions in the food service market both in France and abroad, working with food service manufacturers, restaurant chains and distributors.
As a recognized expert, François regularly participates in conferences and trade publications to share his point of view on new challenges in the out-of-home consumption market.

With an education in management and business, François previously worked in food service manufacturing and distribution at Danone, Webcity and Brake France for 15 years. He held positions in commerce, management control and marketing management.

Michael Ballay
Michael is VP Partner.

He manages strategic diagnosis, monitoring and guiding missions for our clients.

From 2005 to 2012, Michael was in charge of the research department and led more than 100 out-of-home study missions.

From 2012 to 2017, Michael has opened and managed in 3 restaurants in Lyon.

Since 2017, Michael has guided many agri-food companies and distributors on development strategy issues and marketing plans.

With an EMGrenoble background, Michael started his career as a junior marketing researcher for a leading distributor of frozen foods.

Florence Berger
Florence is VP partner.

She manages strategic diagnosis, monitoring and guiding missions for our clients.

Since 2012, Florence has guided numerous manufacturing and chain clients through the challenges of international monitoring and marketing plans. In particular, she has acquired refined expertise in restaurant chains.

With an education from the Lyon Management School, Florence spent 2 years as a junior consultant in a general consulting firm.

Laure Gosselin
Laure is VP Partner.

She leads our monitoring and Food Service Tracking Distributors and Chains tools and guides our clients in their use.

Since 2009, Laure has conducted numerous analyses for our clients and has developed our tools based on the market’s needs.

With an education from the Rouen Business School, Laure worked in food service manufacturer marketing research and panels for 10 years with Kantar and IPSOS. She held positions as consumer panel unit director and research director.

Emmanuel Argoud
Emmanuel is VP partner.

He is responsible for improving technical and strategic production of existing tools and he manages the development of new valuable tools.

Since 2016, Emmanuel has developed a strong experience in manufacturing and distributor companies that provides him with capabilities for managing the production of existing tools. He is able of working with many providers as well as understanding specific needs of OOH markets.

From ISARA school (agricultural superior institute in Rhône-Alpes), specialized in innovation and business development, Emmanuel has been working in agribusiness for more than 20 years, and more specifically at Bonduelle and at Brake.

Véronique Alberola
Véronique is in charge of partnerships

After having been Marketing and Sales Development Manager at Food Service Vision from 2016 to 2021, Véronique is now Partnership and Sales Development Manager.

With a master’s degree in applied marketing from the Aix-en-Provence Institute of Business Administration, Véronique spent 5 years in research institutes as a senior quantitative research leader with Nielsen – Ifop.

Claire Diemer
Claire is qualitative research director.

She implements refined research methodologies for our clients and manages qualitative research fields and analyses.

Since 2013, Claire has led a variety of research projects, in particular international consumer and user research on concept and product testing, decision-making logic and activation levers for different out-of-home food service targets.

With an education from the EDHEC Business School, Claire spent 10 years in research institutes Kantar Worldpanel and Stratégir, where she held positions as marketing director and group lead leader.

Yves-Emmanuel Tiengou
Yves-Emmanuel is quantitative research director.

He formulates research methodologies that are best adapted to respond to our clients’ challenges. He coordinates, analyses and proposes recommendations for our clients based on results from quantitative research conducted with consumers or professionals.

Since 2012, Yves-Emmanuel has carried out extensive research in food service, focusing in particular on usages and attitudes, client types, concept testing (product and point of sale) and indicators (reputation, image, and client satisfaction).

With a master’s degree in enterprise marketing and management from the Tours Institute of Business Administration, Yves-Emmanuel worked in marketing and research for different sectors for 14 years. He held positions as research manager for everyday consumer products at Ipsos (France and international) and marketing manager.

Julie Fontes
Julie is channel manager

She leads ad hoc studies, strategic diagnosis, monitoring and support missions for consumer brand manufacturers (especially beverage suppliers).

Since 2016, Julie has been helping our impulse product supplier clients to improve their performance by providing support in all of our businesses. In particular, she has long trained our clients in the use of the Food Service Tracking tool and in carrying out promotional analyses.

Julie has a Master's degree in marketing and food management from EMLYON and has initial experience as an assistant product manager at Elior and Brake.

Justine Graziano
Justine is senior consultant
She carries out strategic diagnosis and guiding missions for our operator and restaurant chains customers. With a master's degree in marketing from EMLyon and a pastry diploma, Justine has a dual strategic and operational career in a consulting firm and in companies.
She was also an entrepreneur in gastronomy in Brazil for 4 years.
Laura Piccioni
Laura is a consultant.

Since 2018, she is driving monitoring and strategic guidance missions for our clients. She set up specific and continuous monitoring about global food service market and according to our client needs and issues.

Laura is graduated from a MASTER in strategy and marketing and she is specialized in studies and consulting. She joins us at the end of her studies, in 2018.

Marine Bersoult
Marine is a senior qualitative market research analyst

Since 2018, she is running qualitative market research in France and abroad.

Passionate about exchanges, Marine likes to interview professionals and consumers to understand their expectations. She analyzes and synthesizes these interviews to offer our clients specific recommendations that meet their challenges.

Marine has a master's degree in Neuroscience specializing in sensory science and consumer science. She has a first experience at the advertiser side as Consumer Insights Manager in the EMEA region.

Khawla Nahed
Khawla is a consultant

Since 2019, she is guiding agrifood companies on their development strategy issues and marketing plans.


With an EM Lyon and IAE Lyon background, Khawla spent one year in Germany, she joined us after her graduation.

Abdullah Basharatullah Khan
Abdullah is a data project manager

Part of the data team, he is responsible for data treatment and analysis, maintenance of Food Service Tracking distribution and chain tools, and helps accelerate the development of new projects related to the Business Intelligence service. He is also part of the international committee for the development of international projects.

He obtained his Masters in Culinary Innovation & Leadership at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon in 2019, following a Bachelor of Commerce and Finance at the University of Toronto. In the meantime, he also started and managed a metal fabrication company in the Middle East for 7 years. He joined us in 2019 as a consultant.

Morgane Mathieu
Morgane is in charge of communication and sales development

She has overseen all communication activities at Food Service Vision since 2018. She animates social networks, coordinates press actions, and manages the website. She supports other commercial and marketing actions (e-mailing, conferences, exhibitions) and is also in charge of the commercial animation of the teams.

With a Master's degree from INSEEC Lyon, Marketing, Communication and Sales Development, Morgane started working with us on a work-study basis and then joined us full-time after her graduation

Walid Amahjour
Walid is a Data Scientist and junior developer

Since 2021, he is responsible for collecting, exploring and analysing data from various internal and external sources, creating custom data algorithms, creating and maintaining new databases.

He obtained a double master's degree in Mathematics of Information and Decision at the University of Montpellier and a master's degree in Management of Information Systems at IAE Montpellier in 2021. He joined us after his end of studies internship.


Guillaume Dubois du Bellay
Guillaume is in head of marketing, communication and digital

He is involved in the definition of offers and their communication on and off line. He deploys Account Based Marketing actions in relation with the KAM and Inbound Marketing. He also coordinates all corporate communication activities (exhibitions, conferences, press relations, social networks).

With a Master's degree from Neoma, Guillaume has experience in both marketing within consumer groups and in communication/design/digital agencies.

Anne-Laure du Lac
Anne-Laure is a consultant

She assists our clients, operators and restaurant chains, with development and strategic diagnosis missions.

She has a master's degree from Grenoble Ecole de Management and worked in marketing in the consumer goods sector before joining Food Service Vision.