Are you a restaurant chain ?

We guide you through your new challenges to optimise your chain’s performance, gain consumer loyalty or acquire new consumers, and deploy your strategy within your network.

Does your business make every effort to develop the frequency of your clients’ visits and their average bill ?

Our approach to guiding you is based on three areas of expertise:

  • Decrypting the behaviours and expectations of your clients and non-clients, arbitration changes and consumption transformations to enable you to adapt your offers and marketing actions
  • Monitoring tools designed to track your competitive environment, from knowledge of key players to tracking menu changes and online communication strategies that allow you to track and decrypt market events in real time
  • The ability to guide your strategic decision-making with our precise understanding of your sphere’s challenges, whether it involves an increasingly constrained regulatory framework or uncertainties on frequency such as difficulties to win loyalty of a network

Our Chain and Institutional Catering Firm Clients

Decrypting the behaviour of your clients and non-clients

Insight & innovation

Are you looking to improve frequency at your points of sale and are you wondering about different lever like : how to improve client frequency, how to attract non-consumers, and how to identify new consumption trends.

Through our ad hoc or multi-client research we are in direct contact with consumers. We know how to guide you to define your action levers based on your client types, recruit your non-clients, or even improve your reputation and image.

  • Client type research
  • Non-client research
  • Client satisfaction research
  • Reputation and image indicator
  • Concept testing

Specific monitoring tools to track your competitive environment

Outils de veille

You are progressing in an increasingly competitive sphere, with rapid development of your competitors’ networks, the arrival of new players with strong development potential or even smaller, more agile businesses with innovative concepts. Would you like to know where your company stands within this sphere or even how to improve ?

We continuously track changes in your competitive environment. Our monitoring tools ensure you are constantly informed of offers and highlights from key market players.

The ability to guide your strategic decision-making process

Améliorer vos capacités grâce à FSV

Your market is becoming saturated, with growing numbers of restaurants and consumers changing lifestyles, purchasing power, and expectations. Do you wonder about your business model or the relevance of your actions ?

We guide restaurant chains through building their strategy, whether this means guiding them in their deployment efficiency or even helping them define their marketing plan.

  • Strategic diagnosis and recommendations
  • Network performance guidance
  • Identification of key success factors for frequency in your network
  • Guidance in building your marketing plan
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