Are you a distributor ?

We guide you through your new challenges to improve client satisfaction and optimise your selection, your promotions or your market introduction tools.

Your business is continually changing its product and service offerings to both increase revenue per client and acquire new clients in the out-of-home sphere.

Our approach to guiding you is based on three areas of expertise:

  • Must-have monitoring tools to manage your promotions and observe your competitive environment
  • Decrypting the behaviours and expectations of your clients and non-clients (restaurant owners, bakers, caterers, etc.) to enable you to be closer to their needs.
  • The ability to guide your strategic decision-making with our precise understanding of the specific challenges of out-of-home distribution

Our Distributor & Logistics Specialist Clients

Decrypting the behaviour of your clients and non-clients

Insight & innovation

To best respond to your clients’ needs in terms of offers and services, you should constantly monitor changes in their expectations.

Thanks to our ad hoc or multi-client research we are in direct contact with your clients.
We know how to guide you in developing your strategy by anticipating their needs and understanding the pressures exerted on them.

  • Client satisfaction indicator
  • Loyalty program relevance research
  • Website pre-launch research
  • Pre-implementation concept or distribution research

Must-have monitoring tools to manage your business activity

Outils de veille

All distributors are constantly rethinking their strategy and adapting offers and services. To progress in this ultra-competitive environment, you need to have a clear vision of their current strategy but also of their future development approaches.

Our monitoring tools allow you to have up-to-date data and refined analyses on your position and those of your competitors. Our consultants guide you through understanding your competitors, whether though analysis of their selection and innovation strategy or analysis of their pricing or promotions.

The ability to guide your strategic decision-making process

Améliorer vos capacités grâce à FSV

To have a clear vision of your market position and make the right decisions, you need reliable data, useful analyses and proven methods.

We know how to guide distributors though defining their strategy, whether this means helping them to challenge their offer and optimise their marketing tools (promotions, website, loyalty program, etc.) or enlightening them on changes in their market.

  • Strategic diagnosis and recommendations
  • Client acquisition and loyalty recommendations
  • Expert intervention during internal agreements


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