We guide you along the entire route to market—from the distributor to the final consumer—to help you understand your market or find new growth levers.

Is your business aiming to adapt its offer to a complex out-of-home consumption market and master a growing value-added distribution chain ?

Our approach to guiding you is based on 3 areas of expertise:

  • Decrypting behaviours and expectations of professionals (distributors, restaurants, and restaurant chains) and consumers across all channels of food service
  • Monitoring tools designed to manage your business activity, promotions with distributors and offers among chains as well as to enhance your knowledge of large accounts
  • Ability to guide your strategic decision-making with our precise understanding of your specific sphere’s challenges and our strategic analysis tools

Our Manufacturer Clients

Decrypting behaviours and expectations of professionals and consumers

Insight & innovation

Would you like to stay a step ahead in an out-of-home sphere that is becoming more complex and segmented ? Do you need to better understand expectations of your distributors, professional clients or consumers.

We are in direct contact with your clients and we have a profound and calculated understanding of the 3 levels of market players thanks to our ad hoc or multi client research:

  • Distributors: their choice logic, constraints and needs
  • Professionals: their usages, attitudes, product expectations, and purchasing logic on all market channels (sit-down restaurants, fast food, takeaway, catering, reception organisers and caterers, other food service trades, etc.)
  • Consumers: their modes of consumption, preferences, choices and expectations

Monitoring tools designed specifically to manage your business activity

Outils de veille

Do you work with distributors and restaurant chains ? You need to manage your activities, deepen your knowledge of your clients and decrypt your prospects’ expectations. You need to build account plans and robust, competitive categorised approaches.

We decrypt major market players (distributors and chains) with comprehensive analysis tools.

The ability to guide your strategic decision-making process

Améliorer vos capacités grâce à FSV

You need to define the most effective strategy to ensure your development. Do you wonder about which development model to choose, potential targets for your business, and the route to market to reach them ?

We can guide you to challenge, redefine or even co-build your global strategy in terms of offers, market introduction or organisation. For this we rely on our research and consulting expertise but also employ coaching and team-building methods if necessary.

  • “Turnkey” consulting
  • Strategy workshop
  • Operations workshop


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