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Food Service DDAY #3 : La convention « Digital Battle » le 16 mai 2019 à Paris

Food Service DDAY #3, les véritables défis du digital en restauration. Quels risques et quelles opportunités pour la profession ? Qui seront les gagnants et les perdants ? Organisation : Food Service Vision et les Editions de la RHF (B.R.A tendances restauration, Le chef, Restauration collective) organisent la 3ème Edition de la convention sur la ...

GRIF Amsterdam : Future vision of food service in retail

7 takeaways from high levels speeches heard at the #grif day 2 #1 same trends are transforming the F&B industry all over the world #2 millennials and genZ spend so much time connected (2 to 4h a day!!!) and can be so easily delivered that ... they definitely need very good reasons to go out ...